Questions To Ask Photographers


Your wedding pictures are one of the few souvenirs you’ll have left once the “I dos” have been said and done. Choosing a professional wedding photographer who suits your aesthetic and can effectively capture those unique moments is, thus, a crucial step in the wedding preparation process.

Always do your homework and limit your choices to a few wedding photographers you adore. After that, you’ll go on to the interviewing process, in which you’ll contact each wedding photographer to see whether they’ll be a good fit for your big day.

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Let’s see what you can ask the photographer.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a wedding photographer?

Begin by inquiring about your possible wedding photographer’s path to becoming a wedding photographer. After you’ve asked this question, take a moment to listen. You want to get a sense of how enthusiastic they are about wedding photography. Why? Because if they’re enthusiastic about wedding photography, you’ll have a great time working with them. You don’t want to recruit someone who isn’t enthusiastic about their work. Doing so will almost certainly result in a bad experience and unflattering photographs.

Is it possible to see a whole wedding that has been photographed?

Inquire with the photographer you’re interviewing about seeing a whole wedding they’ve shot. Yes, they may have a flashy website with stunning photographs to entice you. You, on the other hand, want to see the genuine thing! The fact is that wedding galleries on photographers’ websites only represent only a bit of the whole wedding. As a result, you must ask this question in order to have a deeper understanding of their job.

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What would you say is the best way to define your wedding photography style?

In terms of talent and quality, a wedding photographer in Atlanta can be the finest for your special occasion, but if their aesthetic and style don’t match your wedding vision, they may not be the ideal choice for you and your spouse. In addition to visiting their website and following them on social media, ask them to describe their photography style to you to make sure it’s a good fit.

What feels like working with you on the wedding day?

Every photographer uniquely approaches their work. You may get a better idea of the wedding photographer’s enthusiasm, shooting style, and how it’s like to work with them by asking them to take you through how the wedding day will go. Some may provide posing advice, while others may prefer to photograph in a more natural, spontaneous manner. There is no right or wrong answer; what matters is that the photographer’s style suits your vision and that you and your soon-to-be husband feel at ease with them.

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What is included in your wedding photography packages?

It’s essential to discuss bundles and prices. Most wedding photographers will offer several packages that include a specific number of hours, engagement photographs, a second photographer, prints, and albums, among other things. Clarify what is included in the given price and what add-ons, such as travel costs for destination weddings, overtime hours, or photographing other pre-wedding activities like the rehearsal dinner, would incur additional fees. Double-check who will be photographing your wedding as part of the package if the photographer works with a team, such as an assistant or second shooter.

Ask for a few references?

From the bride’s perspective, you are the boss. The photographer is a prospective employee who is interested in photographing your wedding. Why should references not be necessary for hiring a wedding photographer if they are required for getting a job in the real world? Ok! You may avoid asking for recommendations from your photographer because they have a plethora of positive reviews online. But can you truly compare internet evaluations to speaking with a live person and obtaining information straight from the source?

Final Words

Looking at the work of the photographers on their websites alone will not give you a clear sense of it. How they capture a wedding. On their website, a photographer will only display their finest work. It is best to move on to another photographer if the photographer cannot show you. What they have that makes them the best wedding photographers in Atlanta.

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