Post: What to Ask a Wedding Photographer?

What to Ask a Wedding Photographer?

Weddings are made in heaven, so goes the saying. However, they are many earthly hoops you will need to jump when planning a wedding. It makes no difference whether you are planning your own wedding, a sibling’s wedding, or a friend’s wedding for that matter. Pleasing hurdles, which will eventually become fond memories,  will remain until the proverbial knot is tied, all for the better.

The most important step when hiring a wedding photographer or videographer is interviewing the professional. This deserves utmost importance when choosing a photographer. You will have to spend an inordinate of time with the professional. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to narrow down your list of questions. Moreover, you also have to make sure that you are comfortable with the wedding professional you eventually select.

Here are some questions you should consider asking your wedding photographer during your first face-to-face discussion:

Consider the Professional’s Availability

  • Is he or she available on your wedding day?
  • Will he or she do the entire project individually or as a member of a team?
  • Would the wedding photographer have other wedding photography assignments on your wedding day?
  • Is it just going to be photography or will there be video coverage during the most important day of someone’s life?

Experience and Talent

  • How long has the professional been shooting for weddings?
  • Has he or she covered a wedding similar to that of yours in terms of a theme?

Evaluate the Photographer’s Style

  • What is the professional’s style of photography?
  • Is it possible to review a full gallery of one of the professional’s wedding shoots?

Prepare Yourself for the Day

  • At what time will the wedding photographer arrive?
  • Would you have to arrange for food?
  • Does the professional charge extra for travel?
  • How long will the professional stay at the venue?
  • Will the professional take outdoor wedding shots at specified wedding locations in Atlanta or anywhere else designated?
  • Would the professional permit others to photograph while he or she is covering the event?

Inquire About the Package

  • How much will the deposit be and under what situations is the deposit refundable?
  • How would you get your photographs– email, Google Drive, thumb drive or a download link?
  • Is it possible for you, the client, to share the photos online on social media?
  • Is photo editing and touch-up included in the cost of the package?
  • Does the professional offer services like printing and album set-up?

Written Contract

  • Is there a contract when hiring the professional’s service?
  • May I have a blank copy in advance to review?

It goes without saying that this is not a full-proof list of questions since every assignment will be different as you go about interviewing wedding photographers in Atlanta. You can ask as many questions as your specific situation demands.

If you have hired a professional wedding photographer in the past, what additional questions did you ask? Please share them with us in the comment section below.

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