Post: Wedding Photographers and Event Coverage

Wedding Photographers And Event Coverage

Wedding Photographers and Event Coverage

Not only for budgetary reasons but also for reasons of efficient planning, you, as the wedding host, should openly discuss with your wedding photographer how many events he or she should cover, the duration of the coverage, and the final deliverables anticipated. This should include the number of still shots, number of videos, duration of videos, videos with music and voiceover, videos only with a background score and other related deliverable. Do consider documenting every decision you take because spoken words are never written in stone and can create much discord when it is time to pay the bills.

We have a few recommendations for you that will help you make the right choices:

The Wedding Photography Budget

Wedding photography budgets can swing widely from realistic to astronomical. If you are planning to hire wedding photographers in Atlanta the costs can be high not because Atlanta wedding photographers are expensive, in fact, they are very affordably priced when compared to wedding photographers in other metropolitan cities, but because there are tons of scenic places in Metro Atlanta where you can conduct outdoor shoots. Examples include Lake Lanier, Stone Mountain Park with pictures of the couple on the train that serenades the park, and Olympic Park. Pick spots for outdoor shoots that match your preference and that of your partner. Try to adhere to the budget you have finalized and discuss it openly with the Atlanta wedding photographer you have finally shortlisted.

Major Versus Minor Events

While no event during a wedding celebration is minor, budgetary constraints can reduce the number of events that your Atlanta wedding photographer can cover. Once again, the two of you should sit down and decide in advance which wedding events ought to be covered. Consult your Atlanta event photography professional for ideas and suggestions. He or she  will have an extensive level of experience to share with you.

A wedding is a lifetime event in most cases and recommendations do matter. If you have your own recommendations about spots for outdoor shots in Atlanta, please share them with us in the comment box.

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