Post: What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer?

What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photographers in Atlanta or from any other area of the United States for that matter are usually recognized for their highest standards of service. Do you belong to this group? If yes, you will definitely remember the following tips about what to wear as a wedding photographer. Clients who are getting ready to hire a wedding photographer in Atlanta and in other regions should also read this post because a shabbily dressed wedding photographer or videographer just might spoil the aura of the wedding event and stand out like a sore thumb.

Discuss with your client

Inquire if the bride and the groom have a specific dress code. If yes, you may have to abide by that code. Be mindful of the cultural and religious practices both during the event as well as in the area. Certain religions impose stricter dress codes than others. Inquire if they believe that a particular color brings bad luck or anything similar. You have to practice utmost caution in this regard. Customers are kings. Losing one is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Outfits with pockets

While this might not sound like a big deal, pockets are temporary storehouses for essential items such as your cellphone, batteries, tissues for that teary-eyed moment, an energy bar for a quick dose of strength– the list is endless. The deeper the pocket is, the safer its contents will be. You will definitely eliminate the danger of misplacing or losing things during the wedding event.

Avoid the color white

Stay safe from being mistaken as a serving professional by not wearing a white shirt and black pants. The wedding guests would mistake you as a server and ask for more drinks or food. The smart option is to wear either a dress or a suit and tie depending on your gender that goes well with the background. Wearing jewelry or a bright-colored dress might attract unwanted attention.

Choosing footwear

Your shoes should be comfortable especially since you will be on your feet for most of the time. You should be able to move around in it without any difficulty. You can never know what you will have to do to capture that beautiful moment. You may have to stand in the mud or even climb up on a ledge for the perfect shot. The generally recommended type here is closed-toes flats and sneakers. Avoid high-heels or sandals at any cost unless the event happens to be a beach wedding.

Finally, make sure that you look charming. You are here not only to serve your client, but also to harness the power of word of mouth.

If you happen to be a wedding photographer or videographer yourself or have more suggestions about attire, please post them in the comment section below. Let us build together a repository of ideas about weddings and wedding attire.

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