Post: The Wedding Photography Bouquet

The Wedding Photography Bouquet

The Wedding Photography Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers is not the only bouquet you will experience during your upcoming wedding. You will also architect an exquisite bouquet of wedding photography and videography services in close consultation with your wedding photographer. So what are the flowers in this bouquet?

Only photography

In today’s day and age of YouTube and Instagram, it makes perfect sense that you include both photography and videography in your service bouquet.

Only Videography

Just focusing on videography will deprive your family, friends and even posterity from the unique, feel-good experience of holding a wedding album in your hands and graciously introspecting about your matrimonial journey.

Special effects

It does not hurt to pay a small premium for special effects. After all, special effects is the way of the world today and will make your wedding videos very attractive, colorful and impressive.


The wedding photography services you plan to sign up for are a package deal and the services offered will differ from one wedding photographer to another. Some may charge you per hour. Others may be there with you for the full day. Know what you can afford and sign up.

If you are planning to hold your wedding in the Metro Atlanta area and if you seek to identify wedding photographers in Atlanta, we are here to help you with an entire team of highly qualified photographers who can help you with still photography, videography, venue consultation, catering and many other services through qualified referrals. If you have assigned a special service to a wedding photographer which we have not listed here, please share it with us in the comment box below and we will include it in our next update. Weddings happen mostly once in a lifetime. Why not spend on top flight quality? It is an occasion you would want to cherish until eternity.