Post: A Guide For Customized Wedding Videography

A Guide For Customized Wedding Videography

Every couple is unique, and everyone has their own distinct flair. Your wedding film should be a reflection of your personality. Seeing different films and becoming inspired is the greatest approach to figure out what you really appreciate.

We’ll show you how to fully personalize your wedding video in this post. Wedding films are more detailed and personalized. The post covers the essentials you need while communicating with your videographer.

Video Length

First thing first, you need to decide are you looking for a short video or a long video. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with basic insights on crafting customized videography.

  1. Short Films
  2. Short video films are usually used as wedding highlights.
  3. Generally for social media.
  4. These can be 3 to 10 mins long.
  5. Usually more innovative and creative.
  6. Full Video
  7. Your complete wedding film.
  8. Can be 1 to 2 hours long.
  9. A video that involves everyone enjoying and sobbing on your special day.

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Music set the pace. So pick up songs that will add meaning and intensity to your wedding movie. A song with lyrics while walking down the aisle will match your emotions and signifies what you feel.


Everyone has their own personal style! Some people like cooler tones in photographs and films, while others prefer warmer tones. So tell your videographer what you want to see. The aesthetic you want can be achieved if the videographers and editors are talented enough.


Your wedding video’s coloring and lighting are just as important as the song you pick!

If you’re working with a team that edits in a style other than yours on a regular basis. Keep in mind to always talk about colors with them first. Finding a good videographer in Atlanta can be a bit difficult when everyone has so much to offer. Remember to tell them what you are looking for so you get a video that looks like you are living in the moment.